While EcoPath™ products can (and should) be used in a variety of ways and locations for businesses of all sizes, here are some helpful suggestions:

Entryways: Make a lasting first impression and keep guests safe as they enter a facility. EcoPath sustainable entryway solution makes a clean and green statement and can be utilized both outside and inside a lobby or entrance. With anti-slip backing and superior moisture-hoarding, dirt-trapping construction, facility manages and building owners can prevent costly slip-and-fall accidents as well as save time, labor and costs by protecting valuable floors. Both EcoMax™ and EcoRib™ can be customized with specific colors, company logos and choice of decorative elements.

Wayfinders: Choose EcoPath products as Wayfinders to lead guests safely and easily to their destinations. EcoMax and EcoRib are available in a variety of colors to coordinate with interior schemes. Quality inlaid construction ensures durability and longevity, while custom-cuts are suitable for any space. Non-skid sustainable rubber backing keeps everything neatly in place to provide maximum non-skid traction.

Sitting Areas: Create an inviting and striking statement for seating areas with EcoMax and EcoRib in colors that enhance any decor. The soft, 100% solution-dyed nylon fibers of this product assist in polishing away fine dirt particles and moisture while keeping floors easy and less costly to maintain and protect. EcoMax and EcoRib creates a cleaner, greener and more pleasant environment for guests.

Customization: UV-stable, inlaid construction ensures that corporate logos, colors and decorative motifs stay bright for years to come. EcoPath sustainable entryway matting products can be custom cut to for any space — from outdoor entryways and lobbies to elevators, hallways and recessed walls.




Short entrance mats get stepped over, thereby not performing to their potential. EcoPath sustainable entryway matting products can be used individually or together for a holistic approach to protecting floors and keeping interiors clean and dry. Strategically place EcoMax and EcoRib as a united system to cover more flooring surface, allowing visitors more steps to clean and wipe footwear.

Corporate and Class A High-Rises: Designed to create a lasting first impression, EcoPath sustainable entryway matting solution’s UV-stable and inlaid construction ensures durability and longevity. Custom-cuts are suitable for any space, from outdoor entryways and lobbies to elevators, hallways and recessed wells. Building maintenance costs are significantly reduced as dirt and moisture is trapped to keep floors spotless. Sustainable backings and quality construction allow for green cleaning and LEED qualification.

Hotel and Healthcare Facilities: EcoPath is the clean and green solution for hotels and healthcare facilities. Where air quality and spotless conditions are imperative, EcoPath traps moisture and dirt particles and prevent slips and falls. Sustainable materials don't require harsh chemicals for cleaning and qualify for LEED. Top-notch materials, custom-fitting, custom inlaid color and graphics ensure lasting performance and enhance any organizations' image. EcoPath™ sustainable entryway matting products are available in a variety of price points and suitable for any space.

EcoPath sustainable entryway matting products make great additions to Hotels, Schools, Office Buildings, Class A High Rise Buildings, Retail Stores, Shopping Malls, Assisted Living, Clinics and Recess Wells.