Green Offerings

  • 100% Perpetually Recyclable
  • EnviroCel™ backing, a recycled, recovered and renewable high performance polyurethane backing, 60% to 70% green by weight
  • BioGrip™ secondary backing of 100% post-consumer recycled fleece with non-skid natural rubber
  • Contributes toward LEED building certification under: Materials & Resources, Indoor Environmental Quality and Innovation & Design Process.


EcoMax™ and EcoRib™ are all backed with EnviroCel™ polyurethane backing systems for commercial carpet that contains recycled, recovered and renewable materials that are 60% to 70% green by backing weight. EnviroCel replaces large percentages of petroleum-based components in its polyurethane chemistry with biobased polyols made from soybean plants. EnviroCel also contains Celceram®, a recovered pre-consumer recycled mineral compound that adds to the product's environmental and performance benefits.

  • EnviroCel is third-party certified for recycled and renewable materials and contributes to LEED totals.
  • EnviroCel qualifies for Federal purchasing preference under the USDA’s BioPreferredSM program. (GSA SIN31-601)

LEED Certification:

EcoPath™ helps facilities achieve their highest green potential by contributing toward U.S. Green Building Council LEED certification for at least 10 different credits under: Materials & Resources, Indoor Environmental Quality and Innovation & Design Process.

Cradle to Cradle Guarantee

When a replacement order is made at the end of a customer’s defined period of use, we gladly take back the discarded EcoPath matting and recycle it into other high-quality product components such as AstroTurf® infill and recyclable carpet and mat backing. This regenerative process is EcoPath’s cradle to cradle guarantee and our promise to the environment.

Beautiful Solution to Cleaner, Dryer Floors

Effective matting provides front line defense against damage and is a vital deterrent against slip and fall accidents. EcoPath removes dirt and moisture before they reach the primary floor surface.

Your Best Defense Against Entryway Accidents and Floor Damage

With its anti-slip backing and water-hoarding performance, EcoPath ensures a clean, dry path, both on and off the matted walkway.