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Universal Textile Technologies™, AstroTurf®, EcoPath™ and SYNLawn® Make Big Splash with Soy at Greenbuild 2010

December 3, 2010
BioBased Soy-Themed Booth Resonates with Greenbuild Attendees, Industry Leaders Stop By to “Putt, Stand and Play on Soy”

EcoPath Sustainable Matting Solution Paves Cleaner, Safer, Greener Path With New Brand and Creative Identity

September 16, 2010
EcoPath™, the world’s first perpetually recyclable entryway matting solution made from environmentally friendly products and biobased content, today unveiled a new brand and creative identity that focuses on its green and clean benefits.

EcoPath™ Appoints Team to Assist Facility Managers with Seasonal Operations Planning Needs

August 5, 2010
EcoPath™, the first and only perpetually recyclable entryway matting solution, made from environmentally friendly renewable and recyclable products, urges facility managers and building owners to consider entryway matting as a vital component of any seasonal operations plan.

EcoPath and Washington St. Conv. Center team together for green solutions

May 27, 2010
EcoPath™ Sustainable Entryway Systems has teamed up with the Washington State Convention Center to provide an environmentally friendly solution for the entryway mats in their buildings. The Washington State Convention Center knew they needed new high-quality mats in their buildings, but they also wanted a product that would contribute to the building's LEED® total. 

EcoPath entryway systems chosen under top green products

March 23, 2010
EcoPath™ Sustainable Entryway Systems were recently selected among the Top Five Green Products for Retail and Business Interiors at last year's 2009 Greenbuild International Conference and Expo. Ecommii, an online, authoritative clearinghouse website for 'everything green and healthy,' selected EcoPath™ from 1,800 exhibitors showcasing sustainable products at this year's Greenbuild.

New EcoPath Sustainable Entryway Systems Enhance Green Buildings

November 5, 2009
EcoPath™ Sustainable Entryway Systems, a new product at Greenbuild, are the only cradle to cradle green matting available in the industry. EcoPath™'s cradle to cradle philosophy encourages customers to return matting to the manufacturer for recycling once a replacement order is made at the end of the customer's defined period of use.