Slip-and-Fall Facts

  • 34 million Americans are over the age of 60. With this said, a person age 65 or older is 10 times more likely to be the victim of a debilitating slip-and-fall accident than a person under the age of 30
  • The average slip-and-fall claim is $4,000
  • In the US each year, an average of 7.75 claims per 1 million supermarket customers are filed due to slips-and-falls
  • In 1987 there were 12 million injuries caused by falls requiring at least 1 day of medical attention. Two-thirds of the falls happened at the floor level
  • For every dollar spent on floor maintenance products, the average supermarket will spend $3 paying for slip-and-fall accidents

Scientific Studies Facts

  • The average six-room dwelling takes in 40 lbs. of dust in a year. A private home may have between 800,000 to 1,600,000 tiny bits of dust and particulate matter in every cubic inch of air. (TRSA Report)
  • Studies show that 1 sq. yard of commercial grade carpeting can accumulate 1 lb. of dirt over a 1-week period and up to twice as much during inclement weather. (International Sanitary Supply Association)
  • Entrance matting should cover 15 to 18 feet of an entrance (long enough for 5-6 footsteps of the average adult stride), preventing 80-90% of dirt from coming into the facility. (Cleaning & Maintenance Mgmt)
  • It's estimated that over 43 million tons of dust falls on the United States annually. (National Air Pollution Central Administration)
  • "We estimate that only about 10% of the dirt is removed from mats with a vacuum cleaner" - Georgia State University

Appearance Facts

  • 91% of shoppers select a store to shop in based on appearance
  • 42% of consumers say the floors are the first thing they look at when judging cleanliness
  • Students selecting colleges largely base their selections on the appearance of the campus – specifically entranceways, restrooms and the grounds
  • When customers choose a restaurant, cleanliness ranks at the top for fast-food destinations

Labor Facts

  • It is estimated that 90% of building maintenance cost is labor
  • The estimated cost of removing a single pound of dirt from a building can exceed $600
  • A dollar spent keeping soil out of a building will save $10 in removing the soil once it's inside
  • 39% of all custodial time is devoted to floor care maintenance
  • Proper matting alone can save approximately 200 labor hours in the average home per year

Health Facts

  • About 10% of Americans are allergic to some component of dust
  • Indoor air is found to be up to 70 times more polluted than outdoor air; and most people spend 60-90% of their time indoors
  • American businesses are spending upwards of $100 billion a year as a result of lost worker productivity due to poor indoor air quality and "Sick Building Syndrome"
  • Medical research has proven that most headaches are allergic reactions to dust


How long does EcoPath™ matting last? How often does it have to be replaced?
EcoPath™ sustainable entryway matting solution offers and unmatched, unsurpassed 5-year warranty. Customers can be sure that EcoPath™ products will continue to meet and exceed their requirements for safety, cleanliness and durability for years after installation.

What is the average cost of installation for a typical entryway?
The cost of “installation” is typically the cost of the product. Our sustainable entryway matting is precision-made to the exact specification of each order. Installation is usually done by the customer in a matter of minutes – just unroll and slide into place.

How long does a typical EcoPath™ installation take?
Because our sustainable entryway matting is precision-made to the exact measurements of each project, installing is usually done by the customer in a matter of minutes – just unroll and slide into place.

Does EcoPath ™ guarantee flooring from slips/falls?
No, no product can guarantee a 100% slip and fall free environment. By having a high-coefficient of friction floor covering and by removing and trapping tracked-in moisture, EcoPath™ minimizes the risk of slip-and-fall accidents along with the accompanying liability, stress and costs that these entail.

How do you clean EcoPath™ mats?
EcoPath™ entryway matting products are low maintenance and are easily kept clean with daily vacuuming. In addition, EcoPath™ mats should be extracted at least twice a year for deeper cleaning. We recommend more frequently in entrances with heavy traffic and / or heavy soil tracking.

Is EcoPath™ price competitive?
Yes. EcoPath is a premium, top-quality product sold factory direct at a bargain price. Mats that look or claim to perform half as well as EcoPath™ are generally much more costly due to shipping, duty and layers of distribution and in the end don’t compare.

What level of ongoing customer service does EcoPath™ provide?
Our dedicated customer service representatives are eager and able to help. A live, friendly customer service representative is easily accessible at 888-845-9276. Additionally, the regional field representative who assisted with the placement of the original order is easily reachable by phone or email and, if the situation warrants, will make an on-site visit to accurately asses the problem.

How do I figure how much to purchase?
EcoPath™ field representatives expertly and precisely measure each order on a case by case basis to ensure that all entrance travel paths are covered such that visitors step on mat surface two or more times before stepping onto a hard surface floor.

How do EcoPath™ mats handle spills?
EcoPath™ mats allow moisture and debris to travel beneath the mat’s surface where it spreads out and is contained in the subsurface where it evaporates, keeping water, liquids and particulates off your valuable floors.

Will the new flooring smell temporarily when installed?
EcoPath™ matting products may have a slight scent when first unrolled, but it is neither strong nor offensive – more akin to “new car smell.”

Does EcoPath™ flooring hold up to changes in temperature?
EcoPath™ stands up remarkably well to temperate changes, remaining unaffected at temperatures between 200º F / 93º C and -20º F / -29º C – beautifying your space and providing control over the harshest of weather and traffic conditions.